Thursday, 23 May 2019

6 key steps to follow; while opting for best movers Singapore

People usually don’t like the activities that involve movement of their goods from one place to another especially when it includes the risk of damage with it, relocation is one of them. It is an activity that develops a level of fear in an individual. It is not only because of packing and moving but also with the various formalities and responsibilities that are attached to it. This is why, maximum number of people prefer to opt for the home services Singapore. Such companies take all the responsibilities and charge of your precious belongings till they are safely delivered at the destination. Nevertheless, among so many moving companies it becomes quite difficult for a person to choose one. Therefore, for that I am sharing detailed information related to the tips that you should apply while selecting a relocating vendor.

Look for the best not the cheapest every time

Surf and search for various companies online and ask for the price quotations and details of the services they offer. Compare all of them with respect to their prices as well as services they offer, avoid comparing them only on the basis of prices offered by them. Opt for the best by considering both the aspects, don’t get induced to the lower prices quotes.

Check reviews and ratings online

This step plays a vital role because the reviews posted by the past customers define their working standards. Hence, it is necessary to go through the online reviews posted on their official website and other various social media platforms. Also you can meet and talk to the people who already have past moving experiences with them, face to face interaction makes things more bright and clear.

Visit them personally

Search and visit their nearby offices, it will help you to gain more information about their work, infrastructure and also you can meet their team of experts and talk to them about your various relocation related concerns.

Discard or sell the unwanted articles

Before you opt for a pre move survey, discard or sell all the junk items. Prepare a list and add only those goods that are really essential to be carried along. Sorting things in this manner will help you to get some reduction in the overall cost to be charged by the service providers.

Now opt for a pre move survey

Once you have sorted the articles in different categories, get the pre move survey done. It is an essential step that is performed by examining all the goods that are required to be transferred and on that basis a quotation is generated, defining the prices amount that is being charged for the whole movement.

Ensure whether they provide transit insurance or not

Safety is the main aspect to be considered in every movement and to maintain it every reliable company offers transit insurance facilities to keep the valuable goods of a customer protected while they are in transit. Thus, ask the opted movers in Singapore whether they provide this facility to safeguard the goods or not. 

Hope you find the above given details helpful. Follow them and make your relocation easy and hassle free.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Complete these minor tasks before you hire movers in Singapore

Purchased a new home in Singapore? Congratulations! Looking for professional movers Singapore to relocate your belongings safely? Yes? That’s great, but have you completed the few things that will really help you to simplify your move?

Here I will be sharing few tips that will definitely make your movement an easy process-

1. Prepare a ‘To do list’- Maintain a list by writing the things that you have to complete while relocating.

2. Consider the essentials goods- Add only the important articles in the list of the things that are required to be transferred at the destination. Do not over crowd the consignment.

3. Discard, sell or donate- The items that are no longer in use, you can either sell or dispose them. Also, it will be good option if you donate them to the people who are in need.

4. Eliminate hazardous items- Transportation of hazardous and inflammable items like-

• Alcohol
• Kerosene oil
• Acids and chemicals
• Cleaning solvents
• Fertilizers
• Nail polish & thinner
• Fireworks
• Fire extinguisher
• Inverter batteries & car batteries
• Pesticides & poisons etc are not allowed by any moving company because they can cause damage to other the articles also during a move.

5. Pack your important documents separately- Movers do not pack your legal documents, you have to pack them on your own so maintain a handy bag to secure them in the whole journey. List of the documents may include-

• Bank Cheque Books
• ATM/Debit Cards & Credit Cards
• Life Insurance Papers
• Vehicle Insurance Papers
• Identity Cards like PAN and AADHAAR
• Passport
• Business Contract Papers
• Lease Papers or Property Papers
• Medical and Dental Records
• School/college certificates
• Marriage Certificate
• Birth Certificates

6. Keep your frequently used items in a separate bag- Goods cannot be unpacked before they have reached to the destination. Hence, pack them in a separate bag. Such articles involves-

• Water bottles
• Disposable plates, cups, and mugs
• Paper towels, tissue papers, etc.
• Non-perishable snacks and foods
• Mobile phone charger
• An extension cord
• Prescription medicines
• Basic tools like a knife, scissors, torch, etc.
• Personal items

7. Disconnect the utility services- Discontinue the utility services such as internet, electricity, water, gas DTH connections, telephone connections etc. Completing such small things will lower down your burden at an extreme level.

8. Run a final check- After completing all the tasks, take a final round of your entire house and look if anything is left out to be added in the list, something is required to be disposed or sold, all the pending payments are cleared and other necessary things.

9. Find best movers in Singapore- Look for an experienced, entrusted and expert relocating vendor. It must be certified and licensed. Also, it must have a team of knowledgeable, capable and skilled workers to pack and move all the articles with utmost security to the desired location. Inspect their working standards and all the services they offer in detail and confirm whether they provide insurance facilities for a consignment while it is in transit or not. Get all the doubts clear first and then opt for it.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Purge the moving fuss with movers in Singapore

Relocation has become quite conventional these days among the people in Singapore. Every other individual is moving due to various reasons; it can be getting a job opportunity, for which you have been eagerly waiting for or you have purchased a new property there and many more. The sudden increase in number of relocations has rapidly enhanced the need for house moving service in Singapore. Further there are some features that defines them-

1. Immense reach- With their expert moving solutions, they have built up huge network and connections that enables them to serve their customers worldwide.

2. Enables complete access to the documents- To ensure their reliability they permit their customers to inspect their authorization certificates and other licensing documents that proves their authenticity.

3. Facilitates pre-move survey- Conducting a survey is the essential step to be taken by a genuine service provider. Thus, a credible vendor will provide a survey first before finalizing any other thing related to a move.

4. Pocket friendly prices- They offer their systemize services at an acceptable price without compromising with their quality and working standards. Also, they follow the provision of ‘class no bar’ while delivering their services to the customers.

5. No hidden charges- Many companies charge extra amount from their customers by naming them as hidden cost, but there is no such term. Hence, no extra amount is required to be paid by the customer. The entrusted packers will never ask for any of such expenses to be paid.

6. Accomplished and potential manpower- They have a team of expertise and efficient personnel, allotted with their respective works according to their skills and abilities. Each task is performed under the expert supervision by eliminating all the issues related to a move.

7. Guarded packing and loading- All the fragile, major and minor articles are packed by them using advanced techniques in order to safeguard every article during transit. After that loading of every item is done in the planned sequence with reference to their sizes and nature. They have specialized containers which have safety belts and other safety amenities to keep the consignment secure. Major items are tied with such belts to keep them straight in the entire journey.

8. Cautious transportation and insurance- Before loading the goods, everything is insured by these companies to avoid any kind of damage by charging a specific percentage on the amount on the value of goods declared by the customer. And this amount is also added in the quotation. Then, the transportation takes place.

9. Timely delivery- They promote the provision of on time delivery facilities for their customers. Thus, transports the goods in the committed time frame.

10. Reorganizing the stuff at the destination- After a long and tiring journey, it becomes really difficult for a person to organize all the articles at their new residence. Hence, to keep them calm and relaxed, the professional movers Singapore rearrange the goods at the destination as per the wish of the customer.

Book and avail the above mentioned services for a hassle free move.

Happy moving!

Monday, 13 May 2019

Invest Money Sensibly when Relocating

Money is that one area, which requires a lot of attention along with the dealing of relocation process like a pro. When you are moving to or from the ravishing state like Singapore, you must hire packers movers Singapore. But when we talk money, you should and must invest it very carefully. And this is what I am going to tell you in detail. So, be sure to read each point minutely to avoid making any mistakes.

Get your package customized at the very first stage

When you reach out to any moving company to get your relocation work done, then you must get a personalized package made. The pack will be made according to your budget window only so do not think that you will be over charged for any service. You can also check the online catalogue of the company so that you can make up your mind that what all services you would like to include in the package. Once you are aware of your budget and services that needs to be added, you can specify the same to the company. They will curate your package as per your needs only.

If you have any queries related to the same, you can always ask the company to do the needful. In any case, if you wish to change or modify your pack, then you can do that as well by simply telling the company and they will readily do all the changes.

Mind it that no charges are applicable when your goods are examined

This is very obvious that you will get in touch with not just one but many packing and moving companies in Singapore. To ease your work, it is way more necessary to know that there are no charges involved in getting your goods examined by the team. There might be some firms out there who ask for some amount to study your articles. If that is the case, take a step a back and search for any other reliable company, instead. If the company asks for the same in the very beginning of the journey, then you are smart enough to know that you require doing next.

So, in this manner, you need to be very careful as you might come across some companies who are not very pro in investigating about your items to provide you with the tentative quote for the packing and moving procedure.

Fetch quotes from several companies and compare them

Again a very important point to keep into your mind while relocating is this, so read on minutely. At first, you need to understand that there will be many companies out there who will provide cheap rates to you so that you hire them over any other leading firm in the business of logistics. Local moving companies Singapore is that one logistics company in the business who will provide the best quote to you as they are running at greater speed in packing and moving world.

Apart from this, get quotation from other leading companies as well and then compare them. You will get to know that which service holds how many bucks against it. Also, by doing this, you will get familiar with the jobs they are offering to their customers.

In the conclusion, I would just like to wish that you experience the best move along with your dear goods.

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