Thursday 11 February 2021

How to Declutter or Get Rid Of Stuff before Moving

If you are planning to move to or from Delhi then this blog is definitely going to help you out. Before packers and movers Delhi arrive at your home on the moving day it is important to declutter all your stuff and aside the things for packing that are useful to you. 

If you have lived in your current house for more than 5 years then there are chances that there must be lots of possessions that you must have purchased to make your life easier or to add some joy to your life.

Things are absolutely fine until the time comes when you have to move from one place to another, that might be, to a new neighborhood, to a new country or to a new state. It is useless to move to your new place with all your belongings. There are things that we don’t use or have entirely depreciated to get rid of.

Reasons for decluttering

It is important to know that what things you should take to your new place and what you shouldn’t.

•    Moving is an expensive affair so why to spend money on packing and transportation of things that are not useful to you.

•    Overall weight is something that affects the moving cost for sure so it is better to reduce the useless belongings to reduce the overall weight.

1.    Declutter your home to save money

When you hire moving organization to move your furniture and all other belongings, a moving expert comes to your home for visual inspection to get the written estimate of the move.

The lesser items you decide to move the lesser will be your total cost of move.

2.    Declutter while moving to save time

Decluttering saves you a lot of time as you have to pack lesser items and for the move. Packing takes a lot of time so it will definitely be helpful for you if you declutter and save money.

3.    Declutter to make money

You sell the items that you don’t use or it an expensive affair to be moved to your new address. If there is anything that has any market value then you should sell it for money.

4.    It reduces stress

Moving too much clutter is known to increases stress during a move because you know that you will have to pay for the transportation cost, you know that it will take more of yourtime and money to pack things, and most importantly the struggle that you will have to do to store those unwanted items at your new address.

What to get rid of when moving

Once you realize all the benefits of moving with fewer possessions then it is important to identify the things you need to get rid of. Sorting is something that you need to do to get rid of things one by one.

•    Start by one room at a time and make sure you begin with the one that has the maximum number of items.

•     Sort out the bigger items first like furniture, large electronic items etc and then move to the smaller once.

•    Classify the items as - must-take items, valuables, unwanted/unneeded items, and useless items.

•     Identify the must-take items. While writing down all the things you own, mark down the belongings that you will definitely take with you. For example if you have your recently purchased flat-screen TV then it will come with you or if you have purchased the set of expensive soft furniture pieces for your living room.

•     Unwanted and unneeded items – getting rid of such stuff is your priority. This category includes:

•    Duplicate items – if you have two microwave ovens, one old and one new then you should sell or donate the old one.

•    Forgotten items – sports items or musical instruments generally include forgotten items.

•    Items that have been outdate – clothes, shoes and toys

•    Gifts that you never liked –there are things that people gift but we don’t like them at all and never use as well.

Ways to get rid of stuff before moving

1.    Sell all the unwanted items

•    You can prepare your items to be sold on internet, clean them thoroughly and repair them, if required.

•    You can also sell things offline at a lower price if they are older much.

•    Contact any local organizations that purchase second hand items then you can sell to them as well

2.    Give away things to your friends and family

•    If you have anything that would be liked by your friends and any of your family members then you can happily gift it to them.

•    It includes furniture pieces, clothing and shoes, it is a win-win situation to keep your moving costs in budget

3.    Donate to charity

It is important to consider various options to get rid of things. If selling and gifting is not working then why not give your belongings to people who are less fortunate than you.

Make sure the things you are donating are in a good condition to be worn or to be used. If you are providing something to someone with your generosity then it should be in a good condition for sure.

4.    Recycle the stuff that is useless for you

If there is anything that doesn’t hold any market value, cannot be gifted to any of your friends or not in a condition to be donated then you should sent it to be recycled. It is the best option to not let the resources waste and get rid of such things before the move. 

These are a few ways to declutter or to get rid of things that are of no use. It is useless to spend on packing and transportation of such items. Before movers and packers Delhi arrive at your place on the moving day your possessions should be ready to be packed not to be decluttered.

Have a safe and smooth move!

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